About philosophy and design

Conception of jewelry is based on already existing and traditional but changed into new, innovative, modern style of expression in shapes. To make jewelry from the traditional and new materials of the highest quality processed by modern technologies (CNC programming and milling, galvanic metallization, electroplating of rhodium ) in combination with traditional goldsmith techniques. The works are functionally decorative; however, still searching for new, extraordinary, impressive and also practical solutions.The aim is to create seasonal collections and solitaires.

About designer

Lucia Havlíková born 2.5.1975 in Bratislava, Slovakia
- since 2000 with master degree of jewelry design at Academy of Fine Art and Design Bratislava,Slovakia
- since 2001 living and working in Vienna, Austria as a freelancer with name Lucia Ganzer
- in 2006 founded company Hand Picked sro. in Slovakia as a production of jewelry and complements for the well-known brand Florian Ladstaetter, there worked since 2005
- in 2008 Hand Picked becomes an independent brand and presents its very first autumn-winter 2008 collection named iFlame
- in 2009 is Lucia Ganzer for Hand Picked awarded in Slovak National Design Price with Honorable mention for first zooMe prototype collection.
About production
The main production is based in Vienna/Austria and small parts of hand works are made in Bratislava/Slovakia. Behind this fluent running production is managing work of Jozef Havlik .

About materials

We use modern technologies as electroplating of rhodium on base of sterling silver and gold jewelry. Rhodium is a member of the platinum group. Rhodium gives our products flashing and a reflective white surface. This metal does not normally form an oxide, even when heated. Thanks rhodium our jewelry products keep high durability. Its also a very good protection against components of silver and gold allergy.
About photography and styling
The new zooME Crystal collection is fully shoot by Josef Gallauer , styling is work of kenichi.
All photos of zooMe Silver collection are done by Roman Ferstl.TAWA  from BRATISLAWA.  

About copyright

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